BV Communications Ltd

Scanner Frequencies

We have many requests for police scanner frequencies for the West Kootenay area. Unfortunately for listeners, the local police have switched their radios to use encrypted digital signals instead of conventional analog. This means that even with a digital capable scanner, you still would not be able to listen to the encrypted signal.

Much to our dismay, the frequency lists that we have seen available for the general public are outdated or simply incorrect. That is why we are providing up to date frequencies for your scanning enjoyment. These frequencies are presently active. This list is by no regards complete, but is a list of some of the emergency and public service channels for those areas. Enjoy.

Fire Dept.			155.715	MHz
Ambulance			142.365	MHz
Public Works (Trail)   		169.290	MHz
Public Works (Rossland) 	153.950 MHz
Aircraft PAL			134.200 MHz
Local Air Traffic (YZZ) 	123.200 MHz
Forest Service			164.205 MHz
Fire Dept.			155.910	MHz
Ambulance			142.905	MHz
Public Works			155.160	MHz
Local Air Traffic (YCG) 	122.100 MHz
Ambulance			142.905	MHz
Public Works			156.330	MHz
Taxi				156.840	MHz
Local Air Traffic (ZNL) 	123.200 MHz
Fire Dept.			158.445	MHz
Public Works			159.375	MHz

We are no longer providing a scanner feed from this site. We do, however, sell scanners that allow you to listen to all the action from the comfort of your home. Thank you for your patronage.