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Globalstar and Spot Authorized Dealer

Globalstar is a communications provider that uses satellites to provide coverage in remote areas, where other systems do not. With satellite technology, Globalstar's service is very convenient, at an affordable price. Their products include handheld phones, mobile phone kits for your vehicles, and fixed phones for remotely located buildings.


For the the latest products and service plans, contact us or click here to go to Globalstar's website. The website also includes a world map showing their coverage.


Spot Gen 3

Using the Globalstar network, Spot Satellite Messengers are used to alert search and rescue teams in times of emergency. They use GPS signals to notify them of your location. Spot messengers are becoming very common devices for people who spend a large amount of time in the outdoors. Some of the current Spot devices also include features like tracking and messaging. Learn more at the Spot website.


If you are interested in either Globalstar satellite phones or Spot communicators, please visit us or give us a call.