BV Communications Ltd

Wide Area Repeater Network

This system is specifically designed for business communications where immediate wide range communications are required. For a low monthly cost of $25/radio plus an annual fee of $49 you can have unlimited airtime between your vehicles, business and employees. This is an excellent service for delivery vehicles, repair services and construction businesses. We offer this service throughout the Kootenay-Boundary area.

Shaded magenta area represents approximate repeater coverage.

Wide Area Repeater Network Coverage Map

Radio-Telephone System

BV Communications Ltd. has an extensive radio-telephone network throughout the Kootenay-Boundary area of South Eastern British Columbia, providing wide range coverage at a practical cost. It can be accessed by either mobile or portable VHF radios, giving you telephone access in some areas without cellular signals. This is a direct dial system that does not require operator intervention. For a low monthly cost of $25 plus an annual fee of $49, you can have telephone access to Canada and the US with no per-minute charges.

Shaded green area represents approximate Radio-telephone coverage.

Radio-telephone Coverage Map