BV Communications Ltd

Custom Vehicle Upfitting

BV Communications is able to provide and install a wide range of vehicle upfitting accessories, including: emergency lighting, amber beacons, sirens, push bumpers, offroad lights, control consoles, and more. As a 2-way radio dealer and service shop, we regularly install equipment into trucks, SUVs, heavy equipment, and other commercial or personal vehicles. In some cases, we install in-vehicle intercom systems that tie into the radios as well.



A customized center console comes in handy when these sysems plus a lighting controller are needed in a vehicle. With the proper equipment, your vehicle will have the ability to perform well, allowing you to get the job done. Whether you need to stand out on busy streets, or keep in contact using a commercial grade two-way radio, communication is key for safety.



Our local fire department has been kind enough to let us use their vehicle as a model. To the left are a few images of our installation of the lighting & siren package, push bumper, 2-way radios, and center console.



Some of the brands we carry for vehicle upfitting are:

  • Whelen and Federal Signal - emergency and amber lighting.
  • Setina and Westin - push bars, bush guards, side steps, partitions etc.
  • Havis and Troy - consoles, switches, indicators, etc.
  • Firecom - Vehicle intercoms and headsets. Wired and wireless options.